Natural Palm Shell Screening

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Specifications are:

  1. Colour : Natural brownish.
  2. Size : Natural
  3. Ash : max. 2%
  4. Fixed Carbon : min. 20%
  5. Moisture : max. 12%
  6. Volatile Portion : 66%
  7. Foreign Matters : max. 1%
  8. Gross Caloric Value 4500 Kcal/Kg
  9. Packaging: PP bag, or other special bag as per customer required.
  10. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 MT and price indicated for FOB and in Kg.

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Palm Shell is an important by product obtained from palm Plantation. Palm Shell is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. Palm shell has certain specific advantages as the raw material of industrial fuel.

It has a low ash content, which is around 2-3%, making it very suitable to replace natural coal. By using palm shells as fuel, at least it is very helpful in conserving limited natural resources; it empowers the stock of renewable resources that are easily supplies.

Using palm shells as fuel will be much more eco friendly to the surrounding environment. Because palm shells contain relatively low carbon sulfur substances, thereby reducing air pollution. It’s much more different compare with using of natural coal which will produce high pollution released to environment.




Additional information

Weight 20000 kg
Dimensions 1205.6 × 234.7 × 268.4 cm


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