Fresh Mature Coconut A Grade

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We provide our consumer with high quality standard FRESH MATURE A GRADE COCONUT. Our A grade Coconut is taken from our local Tall coconut palms.

Our Specifications for this product are:

  1. Matured
  2. Semi husked
  3. Weight 0.8 kg – 1.2 kg per each nut.
  4. Brown light color
  5. Packaging 25 coconuts in one-netted bags or as customer request.

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As a tropical country, Indonesia is a fertile land for coconut palms. The low lands of its coastal areas from Sumatra in the west and Papua in the east are lined with the swaying slim tall plants.  However, the potential has not attracted enough big investors to produce major export commodity from coconut palms like   crude palm oil, coffee and cocoa.

Almost parts of coconut palms have commercial value – its trees, fruit meat, fibrous husk, the shells and the coconut milk.



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